Collaborative Divorce

Supportive, considerate, sensible, constructive, mutual.  A different way to divorce.

You have many different methods to choose from when starting your divorce process.  You can Litigate, Mediate, Negotiate (with or without attorneys) — and now, you can Collaborate.  New Jersey recently passed its New Jersey Collaborative Family Law Act, which provides certain privileges and recognizes Collaborative Practice as it did years ago with its Uniform Mediation Act.

Collaboratively trained attorneys ad their clients meet with Collaboratively trained mental health/child specialist neutrals and Collaboratively trained financial neutrals in a process that has been shown to reduce conflict, preserve families, and promote lasting settlement agreements.  It’s a private process, done far away from the courts, and results in a complete Settlement Agreement.

  • Spouses set the agenda — and the pace
  • Support services keep emotions at a minimum and address children’s issues
  • Financial services develop budgets and address complex financial issues
  • You have your own attorney, as does your spouse
  • Mental health neutrals and financial neutrals serve both individuals
  • No courts are involved — until your actual divorce

Heather C. Keith, Esq. is an attorney trained in Collaborative practice.  Whether it’s litigation you need, or whether you would rather mediate or Collaborate, Keith Law Firm, LLC has the ability to find the method that will work the best for you and your family.


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