Mediation Support

Heather C. Keith is an experienced mediation support specialist.  She knows the best settlement is one that you negotiated yourself -- with a little help.  A skilled mediator can get you almost to the finish line.  That's when you need a review attorney to fairly and competently fold your hard work (generally called a "Memorandum of Understanding") into a complete and enforceable Settlement Agreement.  Then, you need a skilled attorney to get you in and out of court for your uncontested Divorce, and on your way to your new life.


Ms. Keith is a preferred review attorney for many of the area's most respected mediators.  There is a reason for that.  Ms. Keith quickly and thoroughly assesses your agreement, makes sure your interests have been protected, and that you are comfortable with your settlement, and gets you into court for your Divorce without delay or hidden costs.


A Settlement Agreement is one of the most important documents of your life.  You need skilled counsel to be sure it is fair and is one that you can live with.  Ms. Keith has dedicated much of her practice to alternative dispute resolution and supporting couples to make their own -- informed -- decisions.


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