The staff at Keith Law Firm, LLC understands how difficult divorce is on spouses and their children.  We have experience in dealing with divorcing clients and the many issues that arise.  Separating from a spouse, establishing custody and parenting schedules, calculating child support, maintaining two households where the finances only supported one, and dividing up property jointly accumulated over the years are just some of the issues our clients grapple with.  While a divorce can be difficult, KLF guides you through the process.

Litigation may not be necessary in every case.  Keith Law Firm, LLC knows that filing a lawsuit can be costly, time consuming, and stressful.   KLF offers a full range of Alternative Dispute Resolution including Mediation, Mediation Support, and Collaborative Practice.  These alternative methods can be efficient and cost-effective in appropriate cases, especially in the current economic climate.  These alternate methods can also help preserve families and produce Agreements that “stick.”

Legal needs extend beyond the courtroom and into other areas of life.  KLF provides non-dispute legal services including Last Wills and Testaments, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney.  Let yourself and your loved ones rest easy knowing that your future needs have been addressed.

One of Keith Law Firm, LLC’s greatest strengths is personal attention to its clients.  Our clients’ cases are handled by the attorney they consult with, not passed along to an associate.  Always sensitive to our clients’ financial situations, paralegal staff are used where appropriate to keep the cost of preparing documents low.  Our clients have frequent and direct contact with the attorney handling their case.

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